MWK 2013Cannabis/Marijuana Liberation March 2013

Marijuana Marches is a global movement manifesto fighting for a rational approach towards hemp plant. Every year in the spring time all over the world, in more than 300 cities, Marches gathering hundreds of thousands of people, this is one of the largest marches organized in the history of mankind.

Initiated by the American activist Danna Beal in 1999, aims to celebrate cannabis culture and show the peaceful way of life chosen by the user of cannabis. In Poland Marijuana Marches are held since 2003. Each year it attracts a growing number of supporters of our cause. In 2003, a demonstration was attended by only 50 people, in 2012 there were more than 20,000. By support of the artists you not only can manifest during the March but also enjoy with music and take part in all kind of happenings.mwk

Our goal is to encourage debate in the media and discussions among families. We want to manifest our presence, to educate both consumers and abstainers as the years prohibitive propaganda caused a false image in the mind of the average person residing globe. That’s why this year we invite you to participate in 10th March edition.

We start May 25 at the Palace of Culture at 15.00. Be there, take your friends! Freedom for cannabis, cannabis for freedom!

AFTER PARTY will be held in 1500m2 club.

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